5 items you “Must have” whenever you Fly!

Airplane travel is stressful

to your body and your immune system.  It’s a real thing!  We have all experienced feeling under the weather soon after your vacation starts.  You planned for this amazing trip, you dutifully saved enough money to splurge on some fun activities and you manged to somehow get enough paid time off approved from the “boss” to get away.

You are so excited!  You will be enjoying a new experience somewhere far from home. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

And then, it just happens.  Within 24 hours into your magical trip, you feel “something coming on”!  OMG …ugghhhh…no.  You try to control the anxiety in your mind.  Your conscious is whispering in your head …” you caught a cold”.  Soon you feel your throat getting sore and your lymph glands tender to the touch.

It is at this precise moment, you realize.. you have a new unwanted friend on this holiday trip.  The dreaded Travel Cold!

Does this sound familiar? If so, read on.  I will share with you my time tested Top 5  Travel items that have made all of my vacations illness free!

PS - your travel buddies might make fun of you but I assure you, they will not be laughing when you are the only one not sick.

HybridCR Rapid Immune Defense



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