HybridEB+ Complete Elderberry Daily Immune Support

Be IMMUNE Strong.  HybridEB+ Complete Elderberry Immune Support. It is the first, pharmacist formulated, high potency Elderberry remedy that provides a full dose of potent Sambucus nigra plus eight key minerals and herbs for complete immune support. Elderberry, Oregano, Garlic, Zinc, Vit D & Vit C provide immune strength all year long.

HybridEB+ Complete Elderberry Immune Support is All-Natural and formulated by pharmacist trained in immunology. Non-drowsy, non-habit forming, no known drug interactions. Gluten, Dairy, Lactose, Wheat, Yeast & Soy Free. Celiac & Kid Friendly. Vegan capsules. GMP certified facility. Made in USA.

Dr. DuBois is a practicing pharmacist with 15 years of immunology and solid organ transplant expertise and left a prestigious career as the lead clinical pharmacist a world-renowned clinic to found Hybrid Remedies.


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