Top 3 Tips for Staying Immune Strong by Dr.DuBois

2020 has been an unprecedented year for viral illness and right now keeping our immune system strong is critically important.  Not to worry, I've put together my Top 3 Tips on keeping your Immune System Strong during these challenging times.


VIDEO: Tips from Pharmacist with 20+ years Experience in Immunology

Watch this short video below where I share the 3 important, but easy-to-follow tips on keeping your immune system healthy. 


I've listed my Top 3 Tips for Staying Immune Strong below.
I also included this convenient infographic that you can print or share with your family for staying immune strong.


Tip #1: Hydrate

This is critical. Drinking water flushes out toxins through our kidney function.
Hydration also helps by building up fluids that carry pathogens, virus & bacteria to our lymphatic system where our immune system can get rid of them.


Tip #2: Sleep

Sleep is critical to our immune health. Without adequate sleep, our immune system suffers. A recent study from Univ of CA San Francisco found that the risk of getting cold or flu were 4 x higher for those with less than 6 hours of sleep.
Get at least 6 hours – preferably 8 hours each night.


Tip #3: Positive Attitude

A recent study in Spain found that for those with a pessimistic view, the risk of getting a cold in a given year was 7x higher than for those with an optimistic outlook. Be positive. Find things to be grateful for. Your immune system will be stronger because of it

Thank you for trusting us on your journey health and wellness!

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