Dr. DuBois - Founder & Formulator of Hybrid Remedies

Dr. Jason DuBois is a registered pharmacist, educator and Founder of Hybrid Remedies, a natural supplement research and development company. 

Dr. Jason DuBois’ passion as a pharmacist has always been about helping people find ways to get better faster.  Whether giving talks to healthcare professionals, or advising friends and family, Dr. DuBois enjoys taking complex health subjects and making them relevant and easy to understand.  With over 18 years of pharmacy experience, spanning the full spectrum of retail to clinical research, Dr. DuBois uses his understanding of science and nature to help patients find their ideal path to better health and wellness.

Dr. DuBois graduated Cum Laude with a Doctorate degree in Pharmacy from the University of Florida.  He started his career in retail pharmacy, but soon went on to specialize in immunology and solid organ transplantation at a world renowned Solid Organ Transplant Clinic in Northeast Florida.  During his tenure as the senior transplant pharmacist, Dr. DuBois designed and implemented numerous clinical trials and drug protocols, served as a mentor for many resident research initiatives, and a contributing author on several published articles, manuscripts and protocols.  His most notable achievements were the pioneering of four successful solid organ transplant programs and the creation of a medication therapy management program designed to help patient’s learn and optimize their medication and supplement regimen. 

Ironically, Dr. DuBois penchant for natural supplements actually came out of sheer skepticism.  Prior to 2004, Dr. DuBois was an “unbeliever” to put it lightly.  After years of not advocating for natural supplements, he decided to challenge his own biased notions about whether supplements could truly be effective.  Through his own research, Dr. DuBois set out to determine if there was any credible scientific evidence supporting the use of natural supplements for the immune system.  After years of research, Dr. DuBois made several pivotal discoveries that converted his beliefs about natural supplements.  As a result, he went on to start his own supplement company and a novel immune blend called HybridCR™.

To date, Dr. DuBois has counseled thousands of patients, improving their health and wellness with insightful advice on how to get the most from medications and supplements.  He uses his clinical expertise and knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine to help patients safely integrate natural supplements, prescription, and over the counter medications together.