Pharmacist Pro Tips: Andrographis

Andrographis has been in the news recently, after health officials announced that the herbal extract from Andrographis Paniculata, will serve as an alternative treatment for COVID-19 in Southeast Asia.

Pharmacist Pro Tips

As a pharmacist for over 20 years, I have extensively studied the history of Andrographis, the scientific research and data from clinical trials and meta-analyses. To help people understand more about Andrographis, I've put together my Pharmacist Pro Tips on Andrographis.



Andrographis Paniculata is a potent and effective herb of Ayurvedic origin, native to India and Sri Lanka. It grows 12–43 inches tall and is sometimes called, "Indian Echinacea". This amazing herb has natural properties which activate your immune system and tell your body to start building more defensive immune cells.

PRO TIP #1: Standardize to Andrographolide

For effectiveness, Andrographis should be standardized to its most potent constituent, Andrographolide. Andrographolide is the component in the plant that holds immune boosting properties. It has been studied for effectiveness against various viruses, such as cold and flu.

At Hybrid Remedies, we use the purest version of Andrographis in both HybridCR Rapid Immune Defense and HybridAR Rapid Nasal and Sinus Support for maximum efficacy. Our Andrographis is 50% standardization, which means that 50% of Andrographis included in our ingredients is powerful and potent Andrographolide.


PRO TIP #2: Choose Top Quality

Not all supplements are created equal. Take the time to study quality and reputable brands.

Some Andrographis supplements include less potent parts of the plant such as stem, leaf or flower. While these parts are natural and come from the Andrographis plant, they do not hold the same level of immune boosting properties as found in standardized Andrographolide.

In addition, lower quality supplements will contain fillers such as Magnesium Stearate and Silica.

Select a reputable brand that has an established history of quality AND incorporates research and thorough testing in all of their products.

At Hybrid Remedies, we use only the purest form of Andrographolide and our products are free of Magnesium Stearate, Silica and Dyes.

Learn More about our All Natural Ingredients.

PRO TIP #3: Don't Wait!

The clinical trial in Thailand, found that when Andrographolide was started within 3 days of a positive COVID test and used for 3 days, it had significant impact on the virus.

This is exciting data! We now have a clinical trial showing that this natural remedy has an effect on COVID-19. Andrographis is an herb that is readily available to us. While there are other prescription drugs and vaccines on the horizon, they are not readily available to all of us. If you are looking to naturally support your immune system against viruses, including COVID-19, make sure Andrographis is part of your regimen.

Want to know more? Watch Dr. DuBois' Instagram Live for details on the use of Andrographis to fight COVID-19.


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