Top 3 Reasons HybridAR BEATS Claritin®

Fall Allergies are in full swing for many of the 50 Million+ Americans that suffer from seasonal allergies. Allergy sufferers often rely on over-the-counter drugs like Claritin® for relief.  

What's BETTER than Claritin®?

After 3.5 years of research and development, I formulated HybridAR Rapid Nasal & Sinus Support - a natural remedy that can replace these OTC drugs with fast, effective relief to seasonal allergy symptoms. 

Here are my Top 3 Reasons HybridAR BEATS Claritin®.

1. As Effective + Natural & Non-GMO


2. Our Secret Weapon: Butterbur from Germany

Butterbur is an herb often used for Asthma and Migraines. It works specifically to control mast cells. Mast Cells are found in connective tissue and, when triggered by an allergen, they release histamines, cytokines and Leukotrienes.

National Geographic named Butterbur as the "Best All-Around Allergy Stopper" in their 2018 "Nature’s Best Remedies" issue.


3. MORE than just Histamines

Claritin® treats only histamines. It does not provide comprehensive treatment for persistent, daily allergy symptoms.

Histamines are only one piece of the complex factors that cause allergy symptoms. Allergies are really about your Immune System!

Breath Better Faster.



A two capsule dose provides fast, effective nasal and sinus support in just 20 minutes (Yes...that fast!). Continue with a single capsule a day for all day benefit during allergy season.

HybridAR is the first and only natural remedy that is once daily dosing. It's time to take back the outdoors with confidence and breathed better with HybridAR Rapid Nasal & Sinus Support!





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